Cult of the Lamb Wiki

Tarot Cards provide buffs and boons to The Lamb. Each Tarot Card's effect stacks with one another, however, you cannot have two of the same card at once. Cards are found in chests, can be received from Clauneck, and from certain fleeces. Tarot card can have a + or ++ modifier which greatly increases their effects.

Currently, there are 43 Tarot Cards in Cult of the Lamb.


No. Image Name Quote Description Unlock
The Hearts
The Hearts I A minor remedy. Gain an extra Half red heart half red heart Unlocked by default
The Hearts II
The Hearts II A remedy. Gain an extra Red heart red heart Beat Ratau at a game of Knucklebones.
The Hearts III
The Hearts III A major remedy. Gain an extra two Red heart red heart Purchase in a Heart room for 100 Coin Coins.
Weeping Moon
Weeping Moon Fear not the terror of night. 30% more damage during the night Purchase at Spore Grotto for 25 Coin Coins.
Nature's Boon
Nature's Boon Your cornucopia runneth over. Harvest bonus resources. Purchase at Pilgrim's Passage for 25 Coin Coins.
The Lovers I
The Lovers I A heart offered, a vow made. Gain an extra Blue heart blue heart Unlocked by default.
The Lovers II
The Lovers II Fidelity demands sacrifice. Gain 2 extra Blue heart blue heart Perform the Wedding Ritual or Spare the loser of the Fight Pit Ritual.
All Seeing Sun
All Seeing Sun Destruction wastes at noonday. 20% more damage during the day. Purchase at Pilgrim's Passage for 25 Coin Coins.
True Sight
True Sight (+) Weakness begs exploitation. 10% (20%) chance of dealing a critical hit. Unlocked by default
Telescope Surely what will be one day be yours to conquer. Reveal the map. Unlocked by default
Hands of Rage
Hands of Rage (+) Such violent wrath cannot be contained. Fire a projectile when you swing your weapon 10s (5s) cooldown. Purchase at Pilgrim's Passage for 25 Coin Coins.
The Burning Dead
The Burning Dead Service, even in death. Dead enemy bodies explode, damaging other enemies. Purchase at Midas' Cave for 5 Gold Bars Gold Bars.
Diseased Heart
Diseased Heart A heart rife with vicious corruption. Gain an extra Diseased heart diseased heart Default
The Arachnid
The Arachnid The venom of fear knows no cure. Deals poison damage to enemies struck. (no + or ++) Default
Divine Strength
Divine Strength (+) [++] The vigour of the Great Ones course through you. Attack rate increased by 1.25x (1.5x) [2x] Default
Master of the Art
Master of the Art (+) Strike hard, strike fast, strike true. Overall weapon damage increased by 1.2x (1.5x) Default
The Path
The Path (+) [++] Banish fear! Banish doubt! Move forth unhesistant. Increased movement speed by 1.25x (1.5x) [2x] Purchase at Spore Grotto for 35 Coin Coins
Fervour's Harvest
Fervour's Harvest (+) Grow fat on the zeal of your foes. Enemies will drop 2x (3x) more Fervour Fervour Unlocked by default.
Soul Snatcher
Soul Snatcher (+) One's loss is the gain of another. When killing an enemy 10% (20%) chance of healing Half red heart half red heart Purchase at Smuggler's Sanctuary for 50 Coin Coins.
Shield of Faith
Shield of Faith (+) Take refuge in your devotion. When attacked 10% (20%) chance of negating damage Unlocked by default.
The Bomb
The Bomb (+) Leave carnage in your wake. Drop an explosive when you roll 10s (5s) cooldown. Purchase at Smuggler's Sanctuary for 40 Coin Coins.
Ichor Earned
Ichor Earned Who dares draw the blood of Gods? Drop black Ichor on hit. (no + or ++) Purchase at Midas' Cave (5 Gold Bars Gold Bars)
Ichor Lingered
Ichor Lingered (+) They dare not even step on your shadow. Drop black Ichor when you roll 10s (5s) cooldown. Purchase at Smuggler's Sanctuary (40 Coin Coins)
Mithridatism Fear naught that passes thine lips. Immune to poison. (no + or ++) Beat Flinky in Knucklebones
Blazing Trail
Blazing Trail Punish those who dare stand in your way. Rolling into an enemy will damage them. Purchase at Spore Grotto for 35 Coin Coins.
Divine Curse
Divine Curse (+) [++] The well within deepens, the power grows. Curses consume 25% (50%) [75%] less Fervour Fervour. Default
Strength from Within
Strength from Within (+) Meditate on your malicious intent. Fervour Fervour will slowly replenish over time 2.5s (1.5s) cooldown. Beat Shrumy at Knucklebones.
Strength from Without
Strength from Without (+) What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Receive 5 (10) Fervour Fervour when hit Beat Klunko and Bop at Knucklebones
Neptune's Curse
Neptune's Curse Send 'em to sleep with the fishes. Enemies have a chance to drop a fish. (no + or ++) Get from the Fisherman in Pilgrim's Passage after catching 1 fish.
Fortune's Blessing
Fortune's Blessing O, blessed vessel, Fortune bestows her gift upon thee. Receive double the health when healing. (no + or ++) Default
Death's Door
Death's Door (+) [++] Hope to be turned away. When hit down to Half red heart Half red heart, all enemies will be dealt 2 (3) [10] damage. Default
The Deal
The Deal The deal is done, but at what cost? When killed, resurrect with 1 Red heart Red heart at the cost of a follower. (no + or ++) Purchase at Midas' Cave for 10 Gold Bars Gold Bars.
Rabbit's Foot
Rabbit's Foot Feels lucky ...and fluffy. Increases the chance to spawn better chests. (no + or ++) Default
Ambrosia (+) [++] Drink deep the liquor of Gods. Increased curse attack damage by 1.25x (1.5x) [2x]. Buy from Forneus for 50 Coin Coins.
Gift from Below
Gift From Below (+) A generous return for your offering. 10% (20%) chance of gaining Half blue heart half blue heart when killing an enemy. Default
Fervour's Host
Fervour's Host Cross the threshold and be renewed. Fervour Fervour replenishes fully when entering a new combat room. (no + or ++) Buy Followers from Helob 3 times during Crusades (Must meet him in the Crusade to get the card)
The Intangible
The Intangible Environmental traps cause no damage. Environmental traps cause no damage Purchase in a Monch room for 150 Coin Coins
Retribution An eye for an eye. Drop a friendly bomb when hit. Purchase from the shop in Pilgrim's Passage for 25 Coin Coin.
Wraiths Will
Wraith's Will The earth fractures beneath you. Destroy breakable rocks on touch Purchase from the shop in Smuggler's Sanctuary for 50 Coin Coin.
Godly Moment
Godly Moment Taste, for a moment, sanctitude. Begin each room with a brief moment of invincibility. Purchase from the shop in Midas' Cave for 5 Gold Bars Gold Bars.
Kin of Turua
Kin of Turua A patriarch protects his own. When hit, spawn a tentacle that damages enemies on contact. Purchase from the shop in Spore Grotto for 35 Coin Coin.
The Collector
The Collector What ancient artifacts still remain? Higher chance of relics spawning. Purchase from Chemach's shop for 200 Coin Coin.
Consecrated Oil
Consecrated Oil (+) Annoint and be renewed. Relics Charge 1.25x (1.5x) as fast. Complete one of Ratoo's challenges for the first time.